Modern Day CSS Ninja

DISCLAIMER: Those of us, who are bumped here looking for great CSS tips and tricks, you are in A WRONG PLACE. This article is about enhancing CSS workflow by using SCSS A CSS document, intended to enhance the way HTML pages appear, is often excessively repetitive declaration of fonts, colors, backgrounds and smaller grouping properties … Continue reading Modern Day CSS Ninja


Lightroom 5.0 Guide: Basics Interface

One of the leading product in the field of post-processing of photographs, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the leading seller in the field. What makes the software so widely accepted? Why should any photographer use it? What is it's stronghold? Before I move on to these topics, I would like to discuss something more important than … Continue reading Lightroom 5.0 Guide: Basics Interface

Histogram Demystified!!

The image above depicts three similar images, along with a graph : Histogram. Before plunging into the details of what a histogram is and what it does, I would like to bring it to your notice that the histograms are something which we do encounter frequently while editing pictures, thus making it necessary to understand the … Continue reading Histogram Demystified!!

Basic Camera Controls

A glance at the above images is enough to tell that dSLRs are complicated machine. I say they are damn simple! They are a bit cluttered, but once you get used to them, they give you a world of possibilities to explore and experiment on. I would just go on for basic explanation of each … Continue reading Basic Camera Controls

How to select a Distro?

As in case of any other selection, various Linux Distros too have their own fan-following, and then comes die-hard fan-following! The war gets heated up! And then the discussion dies out without a proper verdict. Being biased for something is a general human tendency, and I am in no case an exception from that. Hence, … Continue reading How to select a Distro?

Should I switch to using Linux

In a world of no walls or fences,we don’t need WINDOWS or GATES….. Why wasting your time in Windows? Just tryout Linux… This is what most of the LINUX users would say when convincing a newcomer to use. Surely the world of LINUX associates with itself a real sense of freedom, customization, personal touch and … Continue reading Should I switch to using Linux

Installing LINUX On VMWare Workstation

LINUX The very mention of this word pictures some *nerd coder in front of us sitting all day doing nothing but hitting the keys of his PC/Laptop with the maximum possible force. But truth be told, LINUX is one of the best platform to be working upon, not because it makes you look geek, but … Continue reading Installing LINUX On VMWare Workstation